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  • Dear Mr. Ellory,
    I so enjoy your books – but due to lots of trave , I enjoy them most as audible books as I can enjoy the wonderful voices you have chosen to ream them to me. Unfortunately, some of them are not availble on Is there a reason why some of your books make it into an audible version and some don’t? I am sure there is a time lag between publishing them in book format before they are being launched as audible files….is there a chance that those of your books that are currently not available on audible will make it there eventually? Very many thanks for your consideration and i do hope that I get to read/listen to lots and lots of your wonderful stories. My very best, Uschi Englert

    • Dear Uschi,
      Many thanks for your kind words, and I am really pleased to hear that you have enjoyed the audio books that you have found. I have no real input on what gets recorded as an audio book, and what doesn’t. Can you tell me which ones you have listened to, and then I can find out what else is available?
      Best wishes,

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