Mockingbird Songs

Prison changes a man. Sometimes in ways you can see. Usually in ways you can't.

The only reason Henry Quinn survived three years inside was because of Evan Riggs, a one-time country singer, one-time killer, now serving a life sentence. No parole. On the day he gets out, Henry promises Evan he will find his daughter


Carnival of Shadows

21051813Kansas, 1959. A travelling carnival appears overnight in the small town of Seneca Falls, intriguing the townsfolk with acts of inexplicable magic and illusion. But when a man’s body is discovered beneath the carousel, with no clue as to his identity, FBI Special Agent Michal Travis is sent to investigate.


The Devil and The River

Published 6th June 2013. When the rains came they found the girl’s face. Just her face. At least that was how it appeared… On a perfect summer evening in 1954, sixteen-year-old Nancy Denton walked into the woods of her hometown of Whytesburg, Mississippi. She was never seen again. 


A Dark and Broken Heart

images-5It should have all been so easy for Vincent Madigan. Take four hundred grand from the thieves who stole it in the first place and who could they turn to for help? Madigan is charming, resourceful, and knows how to look after himself. The only problem is that he’s up to his neck in debt to Sandià – the drug king of East Harlem.


Bad Signs

badsignsmOrphaned by an act of senseless violence that took their mother from them, half-brothers Clarence Luckman and Elliott Danziger have been raised in state institutions, unaware of any world outside. But their lives take a sudden turn when they are seized as hostages by a convicted killer en route to death row.


Saints of New York

The death of a young heroin dealer causes no great concern for NYPD Detective Frank Parrish – Danny Lange is just another casualty of the drug war. But when Danny’s teenage sister winds up dead, questions are raised that have no clear answers.



The Anniversary Man

Twenty years ago John Costello's life, as he knew it, ended. He and his beautiful girlfriend, Nadia, became victims of the deranged 'Hammer of God' killer who terrorised New Jersey City throughout the summer of 1984. This murderer went after young courting couples in an attempt to 'save their souls'.


A Simple Act of Violence

Washington, embroiled in the mid-term elections, did not want to hear about serial killings. But when the newspapers reported a fourth murder, when they gave the killer a name and details of his horrendous crimes, there were few people that could ignore it. Detective Robert Miller is assigned to the case.


A Quiet Belief in Angels

Joseph Vaughan's life has been dogged by tragedy. Growing up in the 1950s, he was at the centre of series of killings of young girls in his small rural community. The girls were taken, assaulted and left horribly mutilated. Barely a teenager himself, Joseph becomes determined to try to protect his community and classmates from the predations of the killer.


City of Lies

John Harper has always been alone. His mother died when he was just seven years old and he was raised in New York by an aunt he barely knew. He never even made his father’s acquaintance – a man who died shortly after he was born. After leaving the Big Apple as soon as he was old enough, his life consisted of one moderately successful book,


A Quiet Vendetta

When Catherine Ducane disappears in the heart of New Orleans, the local cops react rapidly – she is the daughter of the Governor of Louisiana after all. But the case gets very strange, very quickly. Her bodyguard turns up horribly mutilated in the trunk of a beautiful vintage car and when her kidnapper calls he doesn’t want money:


Ghost Heart

Annie O’Neill has it all – a cosy Manhattan apartment, a beautiful bookshop and a network of supportive friends. But at the heart of her life is a hole – a place vacated by her father when he died in her childhood.





A stunning debut novel set against the backdrop of 60s America – for all fans of THE GREEN MILE and THE SHAWSHANK REDEMPTION. Daniel Ford has thirty days to live. Accused of the horrific murder of his best friend Nathan twelve years before, he has exhausted all appeals and now faces the long walk to the electric chair. All he can do is make peace with his God.


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  • I I read almost all of your books, only the first 4 i dont have read now. but others i have read 2 or 3 times.
    most i like the devil and the river. when i read this book i travel to the south of USA
    I realy travel there in my mind.

    I would thank you writing books and give people a gud time. Many hours i spend with your books.
    so i think I spend a lot of time with you.

    When i was younger I had Visions in my head, i mean i could see sculptures very clear, i could manufacture this as metal sculptures.
    I maked some of them and then i stoped did other things

    I think with you is the same, u see this storys u have them in your head.

    thanx again for writing your books they are all so great

    i have a question for you. When you was young u make music, was it punk music?
    When i was young i listen GBH from Birmingham

    • Dear Markus,
      Thank you very much for your very kind words. Yes, you are right. I would say that I do imagine these scenes and characters, and I create them in my novels. As for the music…it was more like blues/rock. I am now in a band called The Whiskey Poets, and we play country-blues and country-rock. Our website it http://www.whiskeypoets.net
      Best wishes,

  • I started ‘Bad Signs’ but the first few pages seem too familiar. Although copyrighted in 2011, the US edition is dated 2016. Did the U.K. edition have a different title?

    Why does it take so long for the US edition to be published? I read of a new title but can’t find a copy for several years using my library or the InterLibrary Loan system. I used to joke I couldn’t afford to fly to London every time you wrote a new book but with the post-Brexit £ tanking, I may have to reconsider.

    Wonderful books. Thanks. I used this page because the ‘Contact’ tab on your website isn’t working.

    • First of all, my website was down for a couple of days. No one seems to know why! As far as ‘Bad Signs’ is concerned, it was published in the UK in 2011 and then released in the US in 2016, but the text is exactly the same, as is the title. It was never published under another title. As for the delay between UK and US releases, I really don’t know what to say, Albert. Different companies in different countries release the books as and when they choose. Truthfully, the fastest way to get them would be for me to send them to you directly! Anyway, I am so pleased to know that you have enjoyed my books, and thank you so much for your very kind words. They are very much appreciated!
      I trust all is well with you and yours.
      Best wishes,

  • When can we expect a new book?

    • Hi Keith,
      The new book is done. It’s the first part of a trilogy called ‘Kings of America’. It was scheduled for release in October this year, then moved to March, and now I have just heard that it has been moved again to May. This is not of my doing, and has something to do with marketing and promotional plans. Sorry for the delay!

  • Hello,
    I love you books ! Just read three days in chicagoland… on kindle.
    When i finished i felt that the ending was missing…. that the killer’s story was not finished. Please tell me if there is more and where i can find the ending of the book.
    Thank you

    • Hi Marie Anne… Chicagoland is just a trilogy of short stories, and it ends with the prologue when you finally find out what happened to Carole Shaw. Beyond that, there is no more…
      I am happy to hear you enjoyed what you read…but do let me know if the ending is missing.

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