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If you have anything you'd like to tell me, or if you have any questions about my books, please send me a message and I will reply as quickly as I can. I am also very willing to give any advice to aspiring authors, but simply because of time restraints it's often difficult to read any material you might send. I look forward to hearing from you. R.J. ELLORY


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To Outline Or Not To Outline



I am often asked whether or not I write an outline or a synopsis for the novels I write.  To date, the answer has always been, ‘No, no outline, no… Continue reading

What Makes A Great Novel?

What makes a great novel?


      I think any author possess the desire to write great novels.  I don’t think anyone – in their heart of hearts – writes because it’s a sensible choice of profession or for financial… Continue reading

Welcome to the new website!

Well, here we are, the new website is launched today. Good to have you visit, and I hope you like it. I will be blogging on this website far more frequently than I did on the last one (at least… Continue reading

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