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Monthly Archives: October 2014

The demise and fall of the book….

A recent conversation with some very good friends of mine has confirmed something that I – and many others – have been aware of for a very considerable time. The UK, along with many other countries, is no longer reading.… Continue reading

Sometimes A Thought Is Enough…

Going through old files and different manuscripts, I found these few paragraphs that were edited out of ‘A Simple Act of Violence’.  Kind of dark, but kind of interesting…

What do I mean?
I’ll tell you what I mean.
A… Continue reading

Carnival of Shadows ( review)

R.J. Ellory – Carnival of Shadows
“I do love a book that engages my brain as well as my emotions and that is certainly what R.J. Ellory delivers…”

It’s Kansas, 1959. A travelling carnival appears overnight in the small… Continue reading

Back in France…

WP_20131013_013Having just arrived at Bordeaux airport with my wife for a long weekend at the Gradignan Lire en Poche Festival, I am reminded why I love France so very much.  In fact, why we both love it.  Met by our… Continue reading

Three Days in Chicagoland Trailer
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