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  • The Brief and Extraordinary Life of Robert Capa


    Picture this: Ingrid Bergman is on-set.  She’s playing the role of Irene Wagner in Roberto Rossellini’s ‘Fear’, based on the novel by Stefan Zweig.  She receives a telegram, perhaps a phone call.  She is informed that her one-time lover, Robert Capa, is dead, killed by a landmine […]


    Back when I was a child, in what was a relatively strange childhood, I found myself at Kingham Hill School.  I boarded there for two years.  It was the third and last boarding school I  attended between the ages of seven and sixteen, and – certainly more than the earlier two – that school had […]

  • THE WHISKEY POETS in London!!

    We’d love for you to come and join us at The Islington on Tolpuddle Street in London on the evening of Wednesday, August 19th.  This is a combined book and music event.  There will be a reading from the latest novel, ‘Mockingbird Songs’, and then a brief introduction to the band and the album, ‘Low […]

  • Win a first edition ‘Mockingbird Songs’…

    Follow the link in this post to win not only a first edition of ‘Mockingbird Songs’, but also a copy of the new Whiskey Poets’ album, Low Country’ …

  • The Suburbs of Hell…

    The prompt for this particular article was conversation with a colleague in a restaurant in Lyon. She asked about my son, now eighteen years of age, who is in the process of interviews and selections for university. He has been accepted by four universities thus far, three of them for computer-related studies, one of them […]

  • Reflections on a certain crime…

    Some while ago I was asked by the Wall Street Journal to write a piece concerning ‘unknown’ or forgotten literary classics.  Having recently spent a considerable amount of time in France, I decided to share my thoughts about several French writers, now widely available in English, who seemed yet to be unheard of by my […]


    I simply am a simple man,
    I have no faith, no master plan,
    I take offence at none at all
    save those who try to say we’ll fall,
    if we believe in other stuff,
    the stuff they think is just enough,
    to keep them straight and right and true,
    like God and Christ and Allah […]

  • An Eye for an Eye…

    In recognition of the twenty-one innocent victims of the November 1974 Birmingham pub bombings, I was asked by the Mail to pen a few words.  Instead of writing a journalistic piece, I decided to express my thoughts on the subject in a more personalised way.  Here is a fictionalised account from a survivor of the […]

  • The demise and fall of the book….

    A recent conversation with some very good friends of mine has confirmed something that I – and many others – have been aware of for a very considerable time. The UK, along with many other countries, is no longer reading. Of course there are those who read. I am not saying that no-one is reading, […]

75 Responses to R.J.Ellory – Award winning thriller writer

  • Reading saints. Excellent!!

  • i know you don’t/can’t set the prices on, but have you seen the pre order price of Mockingbird songs, £10.99, they’re having a laugh.

  • No, the kindle price is £10.99 not £10. Do you not think that that is quite expensive for a kindle book?

    • The kindle price is £7.47…and I don’t think that’s a great deal at all, considering the amount of work that goes into writing a book and how much the author actually receives!

  • When I originally wrote the message it was £10.99 and only recently dropped to its new price, and I have now bought it, as I have ALL your previous ones, as you are my favourite author. I was just making a comment on the original high price, that’s all. I didn’t mean for you to get bent out of shape over it,

    • Your comment made me laugh! I am sorry if my response was taken the wrong way. As for being bent out of shape, I have always been bent out of shape, and probably always will be! I have ongoing conversations with many people – both authors and readers – about books in general, as you can imagine. We are battling against an ever-declining literacy level, disastrous booksales figures right across the industry, ever-increasing numbers of authors unable to remain published for purely economical reasons, and it is very saddening. When the Fixed Price Agreement was cancelled many years ago, it sounded the death knell for the independent bookstores. Now there are almost none in the UK. Libraries have been closing at a rapid rate of knots, and the online booksellers have devalued books to a point where you can get a book for about the same price as a cup of coffee. A packet of cigarettes is now twice the cost of most paperbacks on the internet. However, we can’t go backwards. What’s done is done. It is just an issue of concern and debate for all of us, and sometimes I feel strongly enough about it to respond in a challenging manner! I apologise for that. What I will say, Tony, is that your support is immensely appreciated, and I really hope you enjoy the latest book. Thanks for buying them, thanks for reading them, and thanks for getting in touch. I send all my best wishes.

      • All that you say is true and its very sad. I also think, from my own observations, that the young generation don’t read books so much any more. What a pity, what would the world be without books. I have read all of yours and am a confirmed addict!! Thanks for the pleasure of your hard work.

  • Hello I am just wondering do you have any new books coming out many thanks jessica

  • Can I have some. Of R. J. Ellory. which were translated into German.
    Thank you for your help.

  • I recently read one of your books, A Simple Act of Violence, which my wife obtained from the local Library. It was totally riveting and my introduction to you as an Author. It was such a good read I asked my wife to search for another written by you. I have just finished Saints of New York and am again thrilled by this excellent book. These two books have equalled, probably surpassed other books of similar topic, in my humble opinion. I sincerely thank you for the experience and my reading of your fine books will continue.

    • Dear Richard,
      That is wonderful to hear, and very encouraging! I am so pleased that you have enjoyed the books, and I hope you continue to enjoy them. It really does mean a lot to me that you took the time and trouble to write. It is very much appreciated.
      Best wishes, and thank you for making my day.

    • Dear Richard,
      That is wonderful to hear, and very encouraging! I am so pleased that you have enjoyed the books, and I hope you continue to enjoy them. It really does mean a lot to me that you took the time and trouble to write. It is very much appreciated.
      Best wishes, and thank you for making my day.

  • Roger
    Thank you so much for your books ,I find them so well written and they set my imagination into overdrive, the story’s are fantastic, the worst of it is that I find it hard to put them down, and can only liken it to eating a chocolate bar that you are enjoying so much that you want to take another bite but at the same time you do not want to finish it to soon .
    I am 72 years old ,and look forward to reading many more of your novels,please keep them coming.

    Thank you

    • Dear Derrick,
      Thank you indeed for your wonderfully kind words, sir! I am so pleased to know that you are enjoying the novels, and I assure you that there are plenty more where they came from. Your message really made my day, and I want you to know how much it is appreciated.
      Take care, and all best wishes.

      • Like Derrick, I am of more mature years! I first discovered your books some years ago and have enjoyed each and every one since. I’ve introduced friends and family to them and we often talk about the most recent one we have read. I’ve chosen a couple for my book group over the years so you can see that they get a good airing among a somewhat older group of readers.

        I too am English and live in England but my husband and I travel to the US often and have done so for over 40 years. I am amazed at how well you paint images of places and people in such a wide variety of different settings there. You could almost be a well travelled native! Your books are a delight to read – unusual, well written and constructed, great characters and fascinating plot lines. Love them – please keep them coming!

        Best wishes


        • Dear Pam,
          It’s exactly this mind of message that serves to sweep away the frustration I feel about the state of literacy in this country, and the fact that we seem to be among the last of a dying breed of readers and writers! Thank you so very much for your kind words. This really is a special message, and I want you to know that it is hugely appreciated.
          Thank you for your support, your encouragement and your kindness.
          I’ll take this chance to wish you and yours a truly wonderful Christmas, and all the very best for a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year!

  • Roger,Love your Books.Finally read them all.I can honestly say that you are the only Author that has brought a tear to my eye-it’s as if I have experienced a similar emotion and can totally relate to your beautiful,sad,descriptive prose.Then again,the way A Dark and Broken Heart finished,I felt for our Anti Hero.But he did dig his own hole.Really looking forward to your next novel.

    • AD&BH is currently being written as a film, Mark, and I really hope it makes it to the screen. Thank you so much for your very kind words. That really means a lot to me.
      Here’s to a great Christmas for you and yours, and all the best for a happy and propserous 2016!
      Best wishes,

  • A true writer of fine literature hiding out as a writer of thrillers. Your writing is amazing. A QUIET BELIEF IN ANGELS is the second book of yours that I have read. Most compelling stuff I’ve read in a long time. Thank you.

    • And thank you for such wonderfully kind words, Grace. I am so pleased that you are enjoying the books.
      May I take this opportunity to wish you all the very best for a great Christmas, and a happy and propserous 2016.
      Take care.

  • I read Mockingbird Songs in the summer, really enjoyed it. Very much up to your usual high standard!
    Have just finished reading Canada by Richard Ford, first of his I have read, incredibly atmospheric , reminded me of Cormac McCarthy.
    I have had Don De Lillos under world for some years now, have just got round to reading it, for anyone who hasn’t read it I can honestly recommend.

    • I have a Richard Ford book somewhere that I have been meaning to read for a long time. You have spurred me on! So pleased to hear you enjoyed ‘Mockingbird Songs’. Have read ‘Underworld’ and that is a truly extraordinary book.
      Have a great Xmas, Pete, and all the best for 2016!

  • Dear RJ
    I am currently reading “Carnival of Shadows” and I consider it to be your masterpiece. I previously thought that ” A Quiet Belief in Angels” was your best work. I have read all your books to date and enjoyed every one. I find the variety amazing. Your characters are almost touchable the descriptions are so good, and Agent Travis is profound. I hope you continue to write many more as you had me hooked from my first novel. Happy Christmas. Philip

    • That is so good to hear, Philip, and thank you so much for writing and letting me that you’re enjoying it. That has made my day. As for the characters, I am always trying to write people that could be real, people that seem as though they could be known in life. I want someone to finish a book and feel like they’re leaving old friends behind, even when those friends are a little crazy! After ‘Carnival’ there’s ‘Mockingbird Songs’, and I have just finished the first part of a trilogy called ‘Kings of America’, the first volume of which will be published in the UK in 2016.
      Again, many thanks for writing, and for your very kinds words and encouragement, and I send all my best wishes to you and yours for a great Xmas and a superb New Year!

  • Have read 5 of your books, the last of which, ‘Saints of New York’, I finished about 15 minutes ago. Loved it like the other 4 and will read more. I didn’t realise that like me, you were born in Birmingham. I am not far away now, Halesowen to be precise and funnily enough was in New York in May to celebrate my 50th. It is I think a bit of a help if you have been to a place where a novel is set but I like the way you write so I get a good feel for places in the way you write anyway. Must order my next title now. Best wishes, Paul Carew

    • If you were 50 in May, then not only are we from the same city, we are almost exactly the same age (by a month). I have travelled to most of the places about which I write, but – curiously enough – it is sometimes better to see those places for a very short while, otherwise the unusual aspects and idiosyncrasies become ‘routine’ and you lose your objective eye.
      Thanks for reading, Paul, and all best wishes for a great 2016!

  • Ive read every one of your books and you are one of my two favourite authors. Every book had me enthralled and your style of writing can be almost poetic, even the violent ones! I look forward to many more of your books. Thank you.

    • Dear Gillian,
      Thank you so much for writing, and I am really pleased to hear that you have enjoyed the books! That has made my day.
      The next book (volume one of a trilogy called ‘Kings of America’) is due out in November of this year.
      Hope you enjoy that too!
      Best wishes,

  • I have recently read four of your books in quick sucession. I can not believe you are an English author! Your knowledge of theUSA is amazing. I particularly like the way your books are set in different eras. My favourite has got to be A Quiet Belief In Angels. Keep up the brilliant work .

    • Dear Kim,
      First of all, huge thanks for taking the time and trouble to write to me, and apologies for the delay in responding. Secondly, huge thanks for your very kind words. I am so pleased that you have enjoyed the books you’ve read, and I hope you continue to enjoy them. I trust all’s well with you and your family.
      Best wishes,

  • Good evening Sir ! We met this afternoon in Saumur. I was so thrilled to talk to you, even for a short time. You advised me to contact you to receive one of your novels in English. I don’t know if they’re easy to find in France indeed. I could give you my snail mail address if you wish. That would be so great an honour… Anxiously waiting for your answer, and wishing you the best of luck, Sir !

  • Hey there! I’ve been reading your site for a while now and finally got the courage to go ahead and give you a shout out from Houston Texas!
    Just wanted to say keep up the great job!

  • I have just finished reading Mockingbird Songs, and loved it. I am a big fan of all your books, and wanted to know if there is a possibility of this book in particular being turned into a movie.

    I can already see Matthew McConaughey in the role of Evan Riggs…..

    • Oh, I wish! Thank you for your message and your kind words, Caroline. I am so pleased you enjoyed the book. McConaughey would be superb in that role, and we can only hope. As for films, currently ‘A Dark and Broken Heart’ is near to completion as a screenplay and we have some producers on board, so we keep our fingers crossed. Perhaps once on is made there may be interest in the others. We shall see! Anyway, huge thanks for your support and encouragement. That really means a lot to me. I hope all is well with you and yours.
      Best wishes,

  • Any plans for a new book this year ?

    • Well, Juliet…the new book is complete, and it was scheduled for release in October, but then the decision was made by Orion to delay publication until March of 2017. This was to do with marketing, promotion, their existing publishing commitments and many other factors. It was not my decision. Anyway, it is what it is. The first volume of the ‘Kings of America’ trilogy will be out early next year. Thanks for your message, and thanks for your support. I hope all is well with you and yours.
      Best wishes,

  • Roger, I can’t wait for this trilogy. Read all your books, your writing is exceptional. Thanks for the pleasure of reading them.

  • Je viens de lire :”Seul le silence”. Il y a bien longtemps que je ne m’étais pas laissée “envoûter” si j’ose dire par un livre. Je ne connaissais pas Ellory et ce livre m’est tombé par hasard entre les mains : un chef d’oeuvre …Quel style ! ! ! Impressionnant de vérité… On ne peut que s’imprégner des moments gais ou tristes à en pleurer que nous fait vivre l’écrivain . Quel talent ! ! ! J’ai du mal à me relancer dans la lecture d’un autre bouquin!!! Je le conseille à tout le monde surtout aux personnes qui n’auraient pas encore découvert le plaisir de la lecture ! ! !

    • Chère Anne -Marie,
      Merci beaucoup pour vos mots très aimables. Je suis tellement heureux que vous avez apprécié le livre, et je suis très reconnaissant que vous avez écrit pour moi et partagé vos pensées. J’espère que vous continuez à lire quelques-uns des autres livres. Ils sont tous très différents, bien sûr, mais je suis optimiste que vous les apprécierez. Mes meilleurs vœux.

  • Hi Roger, just finished Mockingbird Songs and LOVED it! The women in the book were terrific, your ‘ladies’ are amazing and your insight into the female mind is quite astonishing. My son introduced me to your books and I have read five so far and enjoyed them all especially Mockingbird Songs and Saint of New York, both superb reads, which I didn’t really want to finish!!!! When I’ve finished a really good book I always feel a bit bereft ..and miss the characters. Luckily I have got a few more of your books to read. BLiss!

    • Oh, that is enormously kind of you, Jenny, and I am so pleased that you have enjoyed those books that you’ve read. Please pass on my thanks to your son for recommending them, and I hope we shall continue as writer and reader for many, many years to come.
      Best wishes,

  • Bonjour Monsieur R.J. ELLORY

    Nous nous sommes rencontrés à Nice le Samedi 04
    Juin 2016 au !salon du Livre. Ce fut un immense plaisir
    que de vous rencontrer. Comme je vous l’avais dit, je
    ne connaissais pas ce que vous aviez écrit vous
    confondant avec James ELLROY….. Décidé à franchir le
    pas, vous m’avez conseillé de lire dans un premier
    temps “VENDETTA” puis “LES ANONYMES”. Très
    franchement, ces deux livres m’ont tenu en haleine du
    début à la fin sans jamais réussir à décrocher. Une
    écriture riche, merveilleuse. Un texte, des textes
    comme je les aime. J’ai été convaincu par la puissance
    de ces deux titres. Je veux poursuivre dans la lecture
    de vos titres qui j’en suis sûr me feront encore passer
    des nuits blanches, mais pour le MEILLEUR. Merci
    Monsieur ELLORY (Vous m’avez ce 04 juin à Nice
    dédicacé ces deux livres conseillés par vous).

    Respectueusement. JC GUILLAUME

    • Cher Jean-Claude. Bien sûr, ce fut un plaisir de vous rencontrer à Nice, et je me souviens de notre conversation. Merci beaucoup pour écrire à moi et me parler des livres. Je suis si heureux d’entendre que vous les avez apprécié, et j’espère que vous allez continuer à lire plus à l’avenir. Il y a un nouveau livre d’arriver en France en Octobre, et je se rendra à nouveau dans de nombreux endroits, alors peut-être nous allons rencontrer une fois de plus. Jusque-là, je vous envoie tous mes meilleurs voeux!

      • Bonjour Monsieur ELLORY

        Pour sur que je vais poursuivre la lecture de vos titres. Preuve en est qu’aujourd’hui j’ai acheté trois titres (Les Neuf Cercles, Seul de Silence, Les Anges de New York ) . J’attends avec impatience ce titre à paraître en Octobre en France. J’espère aussi vous rencontrer lors de votre venue en France pour échanger avec vous mon ressenti sur les livres que vous avez écrit et que j’aurai lu. En tous les cas sachez que ce serait pour moi un immense plaisir. En attendant ce moment, je vais plonger tête la première au coeur de ces intrigues ou thrillers et ainsi à mieux vous connaître :). Moi de m^me je vous envoie mes meilleurs voeux dans la réalisation de vos écrits.

        • Cher Jean- Claude,
          Je vous remercie pour votre soutien et d’encouragement. Cela signifie beaucoup pour moi. Je suis sûr que nous allons rencontrer un jour, et ce sera un plaisir!

  • I have just read Mockingbird Songs, my first RJ Ellory book. Absolutely loved it. However, Chapter 52, fourth line from the start, mentions Ralph Chandler, it should be Glenn…

    • Dear Joanne,
      Thank you for your message. This is really appreciated! I am so pleased that you enjoyed the book. As for the typo, we did pick it up a little earlier and it is being fixed for future editions. It was one of my ‘senior moments’.
      Hope you enjoy some of the other books too!
      Best wishes,

  • Hi just finished Mockingbird Songs which I really enjoyed. This is the 3rd book by you that I’ve read all different but page turners. Now I’m going to read the rest in order. Sorry to say library copies but I’ve recommended you all my friends and family.

    • Library copies are good! My childhood was spent in libraries and I owe them for my career. So pleased to hear that you enjoyed Mockingbird Songs and the others you’ve read, and I hope the rest of them entertain you too!
      Best wishes, and thanks for writing. Means a lot to me.

  • Bonjour Monsieur ELLORY RJ
    Je reviens de la Libraie MARTEL à Amiens ou j’ai fait l’acquisition de votre dernier titre “Un Coeur sombre” en broché. Une joie extrême ou j’ai appris que vous devriez passer en cette librairie à Amiens dans la Somme au coeur de la Picardie, dans les premiers jours de Novembre 2016 pour une rencontre avec vos lecteurs et peut être une séance de signatures. En tous les cas j’ai lu à ce jour 6 de vos titres (Vandetta, Les Anges de New York, Seul le silence, Les Neuf Cercles, Les Anonymes et Mauvaise etoile) Pour chacun de ces titres, un plaisir intense car écrit dans un style chaque fois différent. Un + pour le titre “Mauvaise Etoile” ou le lecteur ne souhaite pas voir l’un des deux frères tomber sous les balles de la police (ce frère qui n’y est pour rien). On respire quand arrive la dernière page et une justice tout de même. Demain, je retourne en cette libraire Martel pour acquérir “Les Assassins” en poche à paraître le 05 octobre en France. En tous les cas MERCI Monsieur ELLORY pour ces moments de pur bonheur que vous m’avez donné à vous lire. A très bientôt Monsieur ELLORY pour vous rencontrer à Amiens et peut être passer un moment pourquoi pas à déjeuner ou à souper lors de votre venue. MERCI Encore

    • Cher Jean-Claude,
      Merci beaucoup pour vos mots merveilleusement aimables. Je suis tellement heureux d’apprendre que vous avez apprécié les livres. Concernant Amiens, je pense qu’il peut y avoir eu un malentendu. De ma connaissance, je ne suis pas en France en Novembre, mais en Décembre. Peut-être que vous pourriez communiquer avec quelqu’un à la librairie et assurez-vous qu’ils ont la bonne date de ma visite. Ce sera un plaisir de vous rencontrer, bien sûr. Habituellement, sur ces vistes, l’itinéraire est très fixe et je ne contrôle pas, donc il peut ne pas être possible de rester très longtemps après la réunion. Jusque-là, mes meilleurs vœux.

      • Bonjour Monsieur Ellory

        Merci pour votre message. Toujours en ce qui concerne la Librairie Martell à Amiens, La personne que j’avais vu n’était pas très au courant en tous les cas pour les dates. Toutefois, elle m’a dit qu’un affichage serait effectué ainsi qu’une distribution de dépliants sur les auteurs assurant des rencontres avec leurs lecteurs et il y a en cette librairie pratiquement à tous les jours. Peut être votre venue dans cette librairie se situe t’elle au mois de décembre mais je suis pour ce qui me concerne vos déplacement à la loupe…….. en France et soyez assuré que nous nous reverrons. Je ne Lâche pas comme ça un ECRIVAIN DE TALENT ces mots non pas pour vous faire plaisir mais simplement parce que c’est la vérité. A bientôt Monsieur ELLORY

        • Jean-Claude,
          Eh bien, je suis sûr que nous allons rencontrer à Amiens, et ce sera un plaisir! Jusque-là, je vous souhaite la chance de lire le nouveau livre et que vous l’aimez. Mes meilleurs vœux.

  • Bonjour Monsieur ELLORY

    jJ’ai bien hâte au 02 Décembre de vous revoir à Amiens à la Librairie MARTELL. Vous demander de dédicacer le dernier de vos livre “Un coeur sombre”. Livre que j’ai beaucoup aimé pour l’avoir lu deux fois. Un première fois rapidement comme l’histoire banale de ce flic. Une seconde fois plus attentivement. Ce livre nous concerne tous. Que sommes nous ? Qu’avons nous fait de nos jours, nos années pour être ce que nous sommes aujourd’hui . Sommes nous sûrs d’avoir fait tout ce qu’il fallait pour donner à nos proches, à nos enfants, l’idéal, les valeurs pour les armer dans la vie de tous les jours. Sommes nous sûrss d’avoir été honnête avec nous même, avec les autres. Ce livre si tel était son but est un pari réussi. Il pose en nous toutes les interrogations sans tombre bien sûr dans l’exagération mais il permet de faire une introspection. Voilà ce que je voulais dire à propos de ce livre. En tous les cas ce que j’aime dans vos livres, c’est que chaque fois vous traitez d’un sujet mais jusqu’au bout et c’est ce qui est intéressant. Il n’y a pas comme chez d’autres auteurs un même personnage phare comme un Cotton Malone chez Berry. Bon ceci étant, je suis un peu triste dans la mesure ou j’ai lu tout vos livres parus en France et traDuits, sauf “Papillons de nuit” qui sort fin janvier 2017 en poche. Merci Monsieur ELLORY pour ces moments délicieux. Je vous dis donc au 02 décembre pour vous rencontrer à nouveau.

    • Eh bien, je vous remercie beaucoup pour vos aimables paroles et votre soutien, Jean-Claude. Cela signifie beaucoup pour moi. Je hâte de vous voir à Amiens à la Librairie Martell, et s’il vous plaît apporter des livres que vous aimeriez que je dédie. Jusque-là, je vous envoie mes meilleurs vœux!

  • Hello,
    I am a fan of yours, always looking for your books at my local book shop.
    I discovered your work 3 years ago and I have liked everyone of your book.
    I am writing for two things: first to congratulate you and tell you a big thank you, for so many great books and wonderful hours spent reading them.
    And second to know if it would be possible to have a few informations about your life, I read your bio but would iit be possible to have more informations about your different jobs and your various “skills”? I see that you answered in French, do you by any chance speak others languages? (we are doing a resumé about a personality we like in my English class, and I picked you, you are such an interesting person, your life could be the theme of a novel itself!).
    I hope those are not too personal.
    Thank you again for all you’ve done, sincerely Leo.

    • Hi Leo,
      Great to hear from you, and so pleased to hear you have enjoyed the books. Send me a message through the ‘Contact’ option and I will respond via e-mail.
      Best wishes,

  • Hi,
    I ‘discovered’ you around 6 months ago, when I read – and was absolutely awestruck by – Candlemoth. I’m now on my fifth novel (A Quiet Vendetta) and felt compelled to contact you to express my ongoing fascination with, and appreciation of, your work.
    I was sufficiently curious to look you up (out of curiosity, not in a stalking sense..!) and was amazed to find that a) you’re not American and b) you’re younger than I had imagined! The detailed accounts of life in America in the 50s and 60s, and particularly during the Vietnam War, carry such apparent authenticity, yet you were merely a boy at the time and thousands of miles removed from the situation.
    This is the first time I’ve felt the need to contact an author and I’d just like to thank you for your rare combination of epic stories and exquisite use of language which I’ve found enjoyable, horrific, thrilling, devastating, informative, addictive, desperately sad and uplifting in equal measure.
    Best wishes,

    • Dear Norma,
      Thank you for your wonderfully kind words, and I am thrilled that you are enjoying the books. I guess I am from a generation whose early years were swamped with US TV, film and media…everything from Starsky & Hutch to Watergate. I was raised by my grandmother, and she was a huge fan of the Golden Age of Hollywood (now the subject of a trilogy, the first volume of which is being released in the UK in May), and I was entranced and enchanted by the greats – Cary Grant, James Stewart, Humphrey Bogart, Edward G. Robinson, Lauren Bacall, James Cagney, Lauren Bacall et al. When it came to writing, I was of the view that it was just as valid to write about those subjects and issues which fascinated me, not only those subjects and areas with which I was subjectively and personally experienced. Since then, of course, I have travelled extensively in the US and seen – at first hand – many of those very iconic places about which I write. I shall continue to write as long as I am able to be published, though I am somewhat disheartened by the seeming lack of enthusiasm and interest in books these days, and the continuing generations that seem not only to have no desire to read, but struggle to read at all. I am eternally optimistic, however, and hope that some revolution in the education system, or some change in the way we view ‘entertainment’, returns us to a situation where reading for pleasure is a mainstay of leisure activities as it was thirty or forty years ago.
      Meanwhile, onward and upward.
      Again, enormous thanks for taking the time to write, and for your hugely encouraging words.
      My very best wishes,

  • I discovered your books just a month or so ago, in French, with A Quiet Vandetta, then A Simple Act of Violence, followed by The Saints of New York. Just this evening I completed a Quiet Beleif in Angels! I’m so mesmerized of your writing I couldn’t help but look you up to convey the sense of enlightenment joy and emotion felt of reading you. A real discovery. Thank you very much for sharing your storytelling talent.

    • That is really kind of you, Albert, and thank you for taking the time to write to me. Your words are very much appreciated.
      I am really pleased to hear that you have enjoyed the books you’ve read, and I hope you get the chance to read some more!
      Have a great week!
      Best wishes,

  • ‘ Belief in Angels ‘ What a book. Probably read it 3/4 times now. Return to every it couple of years. Like hooking up with a loved old friend. Keep up the good work Roger. Think that book would make a brilliant film. Get Sam Mendes on Just saying. What do I now. I’m just a fishmonger.

    • Well, according to the laws of the universe, it’s taxi drivers, hairdressers and fishmongers that should be running the planet, apparently! Many thanks for taking the time to write, and apologies for the delay in replying. I am so pleased to hear that you like the book. I did actually write the screenplay for Olivier Dahan, but – as with so many film projects – nothing happens for ten years and then everything happens in a fortnight! I think ‘A Dark and Broken Heart’ will find its way onto the silver screen before any of them, so we shall see what happens.
      Trust all is well with you and yours.
      Best wishes, Tom, and thanks again for your very kind and encouraging words.

  • Carnival of Shadows: Wow! Every character a gem and what a plot. The FBI; what a carnival……..Nice one Roger, you did it again. The wife loves your books too, they keep me quiet for hours on end and I’ve read nearly all of your work! Thank you so much for your writing, I am another addict.

    All the best, can’t wait for more.

    • Hi Phil,
      I am so sorry to have taken so long to reply, but we have been having endless trouble with the site and messages have been mis-routed and delayed. Anyway, it is so good to hear that both you and your wife have enjoyed the books, and I hope you continue to do so. Thank you for taking the time to write to me. It is really appreciated!
      Best wishes to you both.

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