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For years and years I have been blogging away, before I constructed this site. Please feel free to check out the archive by clicking here


  • christmas_magic-wideA CHRISTMAS POEM…

    I simply am a simple man,
    I have no faith, no master plan,
    I take offence at none at all
    save those who try to say we’ll fall,
    if we believe in other stuff,
    the stuff they think is just enough,
    to keep them straight and right and true,
    like God and Christ and Allah […]

  • imagesAn Eye for an Eye…

    In recognition of the twenty-one innocent victims of the November 1974 Birmingham pub bombings, I was asked by the Mail to pen a few words.  Instead of writing a journalistic piece, I decided to express my thoughts on the subject in a more personalised way.  Here is a fictionalised account from a survivor of the […]

  • book-sculpture-02THE DEMISE AND FALL OF THE BOOK…

    A recent conversation with some very good friends of mine has confirmed something that I – and many others – have been aware of for a very considerable time. The UK, along with many other countries, is no longer reading. Of course there are those who read. I am not saying that no-one is reading, […]

  • 21051813CARNIVAL OF SHADOWS – Crimeview

    Carnival of Shadows
    by R. J. Ellory
    A travelling carnival with acts of inexplicable paranormal magic and illusion appears in a small town. But when an unidentified man’s body is discovered beneath the carousel FBI agent Michal Travis is sent to investigate.

    In America the 1950s was a time most would want to forget. […]

  • 10440880_716468141775391_1759017329022242042_nSometimes A Thought Is Enough…

    Going through old files and different manuscripts, I found these few paragraphs that were edited out of ‘A Simple Act of Violence’.  Kind of dark, but kind of interesting…

    What do I mean?
    I’ll tell you what I mean.
    A man works in an office. There is a girl he sees. She works on a […]

  • 21051813Carnival of Shadows ( review)

    R.J. Ellory – Carnival of Shadows
    “I do love a book that engages my brain as well as my emotions and that is certainly what R.J. Ellory delivers…”

    It’s Kansas, 1959. A travelling carnival appears overnight in the small town of Seneca Falls, intriguing the townsfolk with acts of inexplicable magic and illusion. But […]

  • WP_20131013_013Back in France…

    Having just arrived at Bordeaux airport with my wife for a long weekend at the Gradignan Lire en Poche Festival, I am reminded why I love France so very much.  In fact, why we both love it.  Met by our driver, Surya (originally from Glasgow, by way of Canterbury then Paris and Talence), the discussion […]

  • 540969_4538267542028_1460425449_nHard to believe…

    Hard to believe that it has been so long since I last posted a blog article!  It isn’t that I  forget, but more a case of getting a great deal more response and feedback from Facebook and Twitter, hence the blog kind of gets left behind.  My apologies.

    So, to briefly update you…since we last […]

  • 31420_402024319783_525499783_4002405_3895785_n[1]WORDS AND MUSIC…

    Well, once again it has been too long time since I last posted an article, and I could give you all manner of reasons and justifications, but I won’t.
    Safe to say, I have been busy, not only with the new book (‘Carnival of Shadows’, release date 22 May), but I have also been working […]

  • photo-8 - Copy (2)No strangers here…

    No strangers here…only friends we’ve yet to meet…
    Apologies for the modified WB Yeats quote, but I kind of like the cadence of my version.
    I wanted to post a blog about Bouchercon. For those of you who do not know, Bouchercon is an annual crime fiction festival that is held in a different US […]

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