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For years and years I have been blogging away, before I constructed this site. Please feel free to check out the archive by clicking here


  • imagesAn Eye for an Eye…

    In recognition of the twenty-one innocent victims of the November 1974 Birmingham pub bombings, I was asked by the Mail to pen a few words.  Instead of writing a journalistic piece, I decided to express my thoughts on the subject in a more personalised way.  Here is a fictionalised account from a survivor of the […]

  • book-sculpture-02THE DEMISE AND FALL OF THE BOOK…

    A recent conversation with some very good friends of mine has confirmed something that I – and many others – have been aware of for a very considerable time. The UK, along with many other countries, is no longer reading. Of course there are those who read. I am not saying that no-one is reading, […]

  • 21051813CARNIVAL OF SHADOWS – Crimeview

    Carnival of Shadows
    by R. J. Ellory
    A travelling carnival with acts of inexplicable paranormal magic and illusion appears in a small town. But when an unidentified man’s body is discovered beneath the carousel FBI agent Michal Travis is sent to investigate.

    In America the 1950s was a time most would want to forget. […]

  • 10440880_716468141775391_1759017329022242042_nSometimes A Thought Is Enough…

    Going through old files and different manuscripts, I found these few paragraphs that were edited out of ‘A Simple Act of Violence’.  Kind of dark, but kind of interesting…

    What do I mean?
    I’ll tell you what I mean.
    A man works in an office. There is a girl he sees. She works on a […]

  • 21051813Carnival of Shadows ( review)

    R.J. Ellory – Carnival of Shadows
    “I do love a book that engages my brain as well as my emotions and that is certainly what R.J. Ellory delivers…”

    It’s Kansas, 1959. A travelling carnival appears overnight in the small town of Seneca Falls, intriguing the townsfolk with acts of inexplicable magic and illusion. But […]

  • WP_20131013_013Back in France…

    Having just arrived at Bordeaux airport with my wife for a long weekend at the Gradignan Lire en Poche Festival, I am reminded why I love France so very much.  In fact, why we both love it.  Met by our driver, Surya (originally from Glasgow, by way of Canterbury then Paris and Talence), the discussion […]

  • 540969_4538267542028_1460425449_nHard to believe…

    Hard to believe that it has been so long since I last posted a blog article!  It isn’t that I  forget, but more a case of getting a great deal more response and feedback from Facebook and Twitter, hence the blog kind of gets left behind.  My apologies.

    So, to briefly update you…since we last […]

  • 31420_402024319783_525499783_4002405_3895785_n[1]WORDS AND MUSIC…

    Well, once again it has been too long time since I last posted an article, and I could give you all manner of reasons and justifications, but I won’t.
    Safe to say, I have been busy, not only with the new book (‘Carnival of Shadows’, release date 22 May), but I have also been working […]

  • photo-8 - Copy (2)No strangers here…

    No strangers here…only friends we’ve yet to meet…
    Apologies for the modified WB Yeats quote, but I kind of like the cadence of my version.
    I wanted to post a blog about Bouchercon. For those of you who do not know, Bouchercon is an annual crime fiction festival that is held in a different US […]

  • images…a new slow-motion thriller…

    May 22, 2014.  I have been remiss in posting a new blog.
    I did intend to maintain some degree of consistency, but I have been otherwise distracted with the task of final editorial changes to the new novel for 2014, due for release on May 22nd.
    I am sure, as always, that there will some […]

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